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Sorting out the Win 98 Start Menu

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By Daniel Roemer

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Posted: 1 Sep 1999

Daniel Roemer from Novell Consulting in Chicago, sent us this heads up of a cool utility that was offered in PC Magazine. He created the files as outlined in the magazine, and has run them successfully on every machine that he tested. He sent along the files for your convenience. Thanks, Daniel.

This tool resolves the Windows 98 sorting problem, which you may have already encountered. Windows 98 doesn't automatically sort new programs you install so they appear alphabetically in the Start menu. It just piles them at the bottom, like people who throw their shirts into their closets instead of hanging them up. Which is a step backwards from Windows 95, but who's counting? If it annoys you that every program you install is just listed randomly at the bottom of the Start menu, you're going to love this.

Sortmenu is a free utility that alphabetically sorts your menu entries. You can either log off and then relog on to see the changes, or have the program restart Explorer while Windows is still open. You can set Sortmenu to sort things every time Windows starts. (Windows 98 only.)

Says Daniel:"I've attached two very small files to resolve the Windows 98 Start menu sorting problem. Place both files into the C:\WINDOWS\INF sub-directory, then double click on the sortmenu.reg file to update the registry to perform the sort every time Windows starts. You will need to edit these files if the Windows directory is in a different location."

Download the Sortmenu zip file.

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