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Renaming .fil extensions

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By Ron Reece

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Posted: 8 Sep 1999

Ron Reece, an analyst at the McLaren Health Care Corporation, sent the following timesaver From the Trenches.

I have, what I think is a very useful tip for Network Administrators involved in the building of ZEN application objects.

It seems that application upgrades have become a more frequent chore during the past several months. Thankfully, the ZENworks application delivery has taken some of the legwork out of the distribution of the products. The difficulty seemed to be, at that point, what to do with the function of building the upgrade into the existing application object. With the sometimes extensive number of registry entries, files, icons, file rights, etc., it's not feasible to re-create the object. And the duplicate file names (with the .fil extension) presented a bit of a painstaking approach to replacing the existing delivered files.

A couple of months ago, I discovered that I could make my life easier by renaming the .fil extension on the deliverable files to the .<version number> of the product. Here's how:

  1. Perform your snAppShot on a PC that is current with an existing application.
  2. Perform the upgrade to, let's say, version 3.06 of the application.
  3. Close the snAppShot.
  4. In the snAppShot directory, RENAME *.fil *.306.
  5. Use a text editor to edit the .AXT file.
  6. Find, and replace the .fil with .306 within the AXT.
  7. Then do the necessary imports into the existing object.

    As the files and registry entries are imported, you are provided prompts to replace the existing files with the upgraded files.

    ***This allows you to document what entries and files are being replaced, clean up disk space, and it also allows you to back out the upgrade without too many hassles if it becomes necessary.

  8. Set the version stamp on your object, and you're done.

These simple steps have saved me significant time and effort and I hope that my suggestion helps someone else.

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