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Workaround for NT Client Install Bug

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By Peter Rowlinson

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Posted: 15 Sep 1999

Peter Rowlinson sends this heads up about a bug he found during a ZEN Client install. He hopes it will prove useful to others, and save some of you a Support call.

Editor's Note: Peter sent some additional information after this article was published, and we have added it to the end of the article. Updated September 22, 1999.

Another Editor's Note: One of our reviewers had this comment. This bug is fixed in an updated inf file available for download. For more information, see TID 2952339. Updated October 6, 1999.

I installed the Zen 4.6 client with the remote control option selected as per TID 2942851 (outlined below)

Modify the following sections of the OEMSETUP.INF:








; NetWareIP

WUA //Needed to remove ';' in front of this line



INSTALL = NO //Change to YES if you want the client to default to install this component when selecting the "Typical"

//install option.

OPTIONAL = YES //This was set to NO, needs to be set to YES to be listed during Custom install

This works fine.

However, when I added in the Zen 4.6 SP1 (nt46sp1.exe) files into the zen 4.6 install directory, the install then fails, complaining it cannot find selected files.

This error was reported to Novell support and it transpires that with the remote control option selected, the install program looks for and tries to copy files in that are in ZEN2, (but not in the SP1 patch).


The workaround is to NOT select the WUA option in the oemsetup.inf file (so as not to install remote control), and then install remote control separately afterwards!


Just an update to my "Workaround for NT Client Install Bug". We created a NAL app to start remote control using "Z:%5CNtstacfg.exe" on the exe line. The problem with this is that if the agent has not been run before on the workstation, it prompts you to reboot the workstation once the agent has installed. We discovered unpublished switches of "/noreboot /noui /ip" which can be added as command line parameters, which prevent a reboot and disable user intervention. The use of "/ip" or "/ipx" can also be used to dictate the protocol.

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