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Making an AXT from an entire directory

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By Mark Poole

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Posted: 22 Sep 1999

Mark Poole, our favorite expert on ZENworks in a school setting, sent us this splendid little beauty. It's a Perl script that will produce an .axt from an entire directory structure. Bet you can think of ways to use that, hmmm?

I had an application that was totally contained in a directory structure (no registry entries, no files in windows/sys, etc.) I didn't feel like doing a snAppShot just to copy some files, but adding them manually inside of NWAdmin is even less fun. So, I wrote this Perl script to do it for me. When run it will ask for three directories

  1. The directory where the files are now
  2. The location you are going to distribute them from
  3. The location you want them distributed to

It will then copy all of the files to the Source_path (which must exist), and create an .axt file you can use to make a NAL object to copy them to your machines. It follows all NAL conventions (renames the files to #.fil, and creates a filedef.txt, creates macros, etc.)

To run it you need Perl, which is available for Win32 platforms at


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