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Make a Customized GroupWise Address Book

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By Tommy Mikkelsen

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Posted: 27 Oct 1999

Tommy Mikkelsen of KD Data in Denmark shares his smooth method for giving your GroupWise users a customized address book.

How to customize the address books for all the clients in GroupWise 5.x on Win9x and WinNT4.x.

  1. Take a workstation and login to GroupWise.
  2. Customize the address books as you want them to appear for the users.
  3. Start regedit.exe, and export the keys "HKEY_CURRENT_USER/Software /Novell/GroupWise/Address Book - User Interface /AB.4E6F76656C6C47576162703139393500.Novell GroupWise-adressbook" with all the child keys.
  4. Also export the key "HKEY_CURRENT_USER/Software/Novell/GroupWise/Address Book - User Interface/AB.0081D836918BCE1187EB00805FB4B2BE."
  5. Make an empty application, go to the registry-tap, and import the two reg-files from before.
  6. Change your name in the keyname for your own address book with %FULL_NAME%.
  7. You're done.

Note: This can be set to "Force Run" and "Run Once" to allow your users to do future changes to their interface if needed.

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