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Installing mIRC on a NetWare server

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By Marjan Savli

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Posted: 24 Nov 1999

Marjan Savli is a cool reader from Slovenia. Marjan recently sent us this outstanding solution for using ZENworks to distribute the popular Internet Relay Chat program called mIRC. If your users are clamoring for the ability to interact on the web, this will make you a hero, indeed.

If anyone asks you how to install mIRC ver 5.6 32-bit or any other newer version on Netware Server 4 or 5 (network installation!) using NAL and AOT objects, I can help.

This mIRC AOT object is created with full use of macros, so the installation on any new NetWare server is a piece of cake. I attached all needed files for mIRC, with mIRC.AOT and mIRC.AXT. I also translated all the text from Slovenian language into English language. All my remarks are written in section Administrator Notes. I also attached text for Slovenian users.

The mIRC files are needed in the user's home directory. They are copied/corrected every time users run the mIRC icon. Here are some screen shots illustrating the main points of using this solution.

How to Hide the Drive

mIRC snAppShot Directory

User Directory on Hidden Drive

Every time the users login, NAL updates/corrects the user's configuration. So users don't ever need to install the application! Users cannot change the general settings needed for mIRC to work. If users try to change the settings, and mIRC doesn't want to work any more, the user simply closes mIRC and runs mIRC again, and mIRC will work again. If some new users want to use the application, I only need to put them into the mIRC group.

I'm sure on this AOT can be made some improvements, but for ordinary use I think it is good, especially for Cool Solutions, where is important to teach admins how to do, not do this and end. It was not tested with thousands of users and their different wishes. But it works fine for me and few of our workers.

Tip: E-mail address in our company is composed from both first name and last name (eg. Marjan Savli -> so I can fill e-mail into mIRC automatically.

If you have questions, my public e-mail is

About mIRC

Internet Relay Chat (IRC) is one of the most popular and most interactive services on the Internet. Sure, the Web is nice for finding info and E-mail beats snailmail hands down, but when you've been wondering 'where the others are?', then IRC is what you're looking for. IRC is the net's equivalent of CB radio. But unlike CB, Internet Relay Chat lets people all over the world participate in real-time conversations. IRC is where the Net comes alive!

mIRC is one of the more popular IRC clients. Using an IRC client you can exchange text messages interactively with other people all over the world. What program you use doesn't really matter; all of them connect to the same chat networks. When logged into a chat session, you "converse" by typing messages that are instantly sent to other chat participants.

IRC gained international fame during the Gulf War in 1991, where updates from around the world came across the wire, and most IRC users who were online at the time gathered on a single channel to hear these reports. IRC had similar uses during the coup against Boris Yeltsin in September 1993, where IRC users from Moscow were giving live reports about the unstable situation there.

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