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Killing Games on NT workstations

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By Ed Leibrick

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Posted: 8 Dec 1999

Ed says he has been a Novell admirer from NetWare 2 onwards. He is presently doing contract work for the IT section in the Department of Correctional Services in Darwin, Australia. They're using NetWare 4.11 (about to move to 5 ) with a mix of Win95 and WinNT workstations. As he says, "This is a very security sensitive enviroment, which is why we use ZEN to control access to computers and data." (Sounds like this is a possible career path for all of you School Admins. If you can control Jr. High students, you can probably name your price when it comes to security environments.)

If you are tired of deleting games or don't want to use run restrictions to prevent users from running games here is a neat workaround.

In the Windows NT 4.0 Resource Kit Support Tools available from there is a kill.exe.

This is a command line utility to kill any process running on WinNT. For example:
kill -f freecell*
-f = force kill
freecell* = kill any process running with title freecell.


  1. Copy kill.exe to the workstation or to public directory on server (the latter is used in the example).
  2. Create a new action on the workstation package.
  3. Set it to run daily, every 3 minutes (or whatever period you want).
  4. Use advanced settings to set the impersonation to system.
  5. Go to Actions.
  6. Add new action.
    Name = Z:\Kill.exe (z: is root mapped sys:\public)
    Working Directory = blank
    Parameters = -f freecell*
  7. Associate this package with your problem workstations.

Every three minutes, if freecell.exe is running, it will simply terminate.

You may use multiple instances of applications. For example:
kill -f freecell* winmine* etc.

The * is required because freecell shows, for example, freecell game xxxxxx in the title bar of the application, which is what kill looks for.

This kill is also handy for terminating any program running on your workstations if you need to do an update on a program that requires it not to be running.

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