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Disabling part of a Roaming Profile

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By Donald MacLean

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Posted: 15 Dec 1999

Another Tip for your "Roaming Profiles" section...

Disabling part of the roaming profile using a custom NT System Policy

Another solution to disable certain parts of the roaming profile from roaming is to use the User Policy File setting ( WinNT User Package \ NT User System Policies \ User Policy File tab ) to force a custom ntconfig.pol setting onto the user configuration.

This solution is particularly helpful with IE 4 and IE 5, which insist on storing the browser cache in the user profile, which can result in some very large profiles and consequently some very long login times.

The custom NT Policy file below can be used with NT System Policy Editor to create a NTCONFIG.POL which has one and only one setting - to prevent the roaming of Temporary Internet Files and Temp. Other directories can of course be added be changing the value once the Custom Policy has been loading into Policy Editor.

To create the Custom System Policy, create a file named CUSTOM.ADM from the info below (everything between the dashed lines) using a text editor such as notepad. Save it in the same directory as poledit. Run Poledit, and under Options/Policy Template, remove all the entries, and then add CUSTOM.ADM. Create a new policy (File/New Policy) and open the Default User object. Expand Custom / NT Profiles, and enable the Policy by checking the box. Save the policy as NTCONFIG.POL, and copy it to your profile server. Enable the User Policy File Setting in the WinNT User Package.

Log in as any user - the settings can be verified by using Regedit to check
HKCU\Software\Microsoft\ Windows NT\CurrentVersion\ Winlogon\ExcludeProfileDirs.




%09CATEGORY "NT User Profiles"

KEYNAME "Software\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\Winlogon"

%09%09POLICY "Exclude directories in roaming profile"

%09%09%09PART "Prevent the following directories from roaming with the profile:"%09EDITTEXT

%09 DEFAULT "Temporary Internet Files;Temp"

%09 VALUENAME "ExcludeProfileDirs"


%09%09%09%09PART "You can enter multiple directory names, semi-colon separated,"%09TEXT END PART

%09%09%09%09PART "all relative to the root of the user's profile"%09TEXT END PART


%09END CATEGORY ; "NT User Profiles"



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