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Posted: 5 Jan 2000

Hey. We're still here. So far, your reports of oddities have been pretty tame, mostly focused on the date appearing incorrectly on harmless e-mails from Novell. (Oops...) Sounds like you all did your job before the Big Day, so the Big Day was just another day. Good work, guys.

Of course it's possible that this is a strange Darwinian moment, wherein only those of you who came through unscathed have survived to send us stories. In any case, here's what we've gotten so far:

John Currie

In response to your solicitation for stories of Y2K-related oddities:
Y2K turned out to be pretty quiet in our environment, but it was a shock to receive this from on January 3rd:

What's New for intraNetWare 4.11
3716 new update(s) on 2Jan100.

The message included, of course, links to 3716 updates. Based on the date, though, I can't figure if they're from the past or the future....

Wayne Tentori

Here's a Y2k story: I subscribe to Novell's "What's New for NetWare 5" e-mail service. My very first e-mail for the New Year had the title:

3629 new update(s) on 2Jan100

A listing of 3629 tids makes for happy holiday reading. Especially when celebrating the first century.

Happy Y2k Novell!!!!

Nancy Vaught

Real Y2K oddity: Client32 for DOS/Window 3.1 (most recent version) when attaching to NetWare 4.x and 5 servers. When booted up after January 1, 2000, they came up Pacific standard time, although we are Central standard time.

Fix: in autoexec.bat before call to Client32 put in the line: set tz=cst6cdt.

We think the computers were hoping they were in California where it's warmer.

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