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Importing an Edited AXT File

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By Stan Schwartz

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Posted: 12 Jan 2000

Stan is an enterprise consultant for Global Solutions, in Fenton MO, USA.

In dealing with a lot of applications, I found that it's easier to import a "corrected" AXT file, than to import whatever the snAppShot gives you, and edit the NDS object later. What I have done is to associate the utility called AOTXPORT.EXE in my registry with AXT files. I delete the AOT file, then open the AXT file up in notepad, and make the necessary corrections/deletions/additions. Then I save it, right click on it and select "Convert to AXT File" right from the pop-up menu.

It's really simple (I did it, didn't I?), and I've included the text from the reg file below.







@="Convert to AOT File"


@="\"C:\\Program Files\\WIN32\\AOTXPORT.EXE\" \"%1\""

Thanks for a great site, with extremely useful information! I hope someone (besides me) finds this helpful!

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