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Adding Sound to your App Installs

Novell Cool Solutions: Trench
By Rick Machado

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Posted: 19 Jan 2000

Make your application installs a bit fun and informative. Use the Launch and Distribution scripts to add some sound to your delivery. Here's how I did it.

Using WAV files and the FIRE command I took appropriate WAV files (OK so they are the Computer Voice from Star Trek), and chained them together so the users would know what is going on. I placed the WAV files in a WAV directory under PUBLIC and used the following command in my Launch / Distribution scripts:

  • FIRE \\server\SYS\Public\Wav\Wav#1.wav
  • FIRE \\server\SYS\Public\Wav\Wav#2.wav
The result is things like:
  • "Update in progress"
  • "This will take 3 minutes to complete"
  • "Please standby"
  • "Update complete"

Also, record your own WAV files, deliver a forced run app based on a schedule. Now every Friday at 5pm you can remind folks to "Go Home" or the server will be down for maintenance.

Have fun with this one....

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