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Updating Office SRs using ZEN

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By Karl West

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Posted: 2 Feb 2000

Karl is a CNA who works as a corporate IT Specialist in Indianapolis, Indiana, USA.

Just would like to comment on the Tip you guys had some weeks ago about setting up ZEN 2 to update Office SRs. The suggestion was good but that was if you were in a perfect world. My company seems to break all the rules in networking.

I setup the Apps like suggested but found some problems. A few years back Office was installed in a different location (c:\MSOFFICE). This causes the problem of the version checking of the DLL. It seems that if the file was not there it would just keep re-running the SR-1. Well that was one problem and the solution was to add a condition to check for a file existence plus adding a second app to check the second location. No biggie.

Then when I started running my SR-2 install with the version checking DLL I found out that if you installed Outlook 98 to Office 97, it would change the DLL to This version falls in between the SR1 and 2 DLL versions and that causes problems when checking the MSO97.dll.

Long story short I spent a couple of days wondering how to fix it and found a solution on the MS KB. Create an SR-0 patch: If the MSO97.dll version = install) then replace the MSO7enu.dll and MSO97.dll it with the originals ( When the computer reboots, APP SR-1 picks up the DLL version and applies SR-1 taking it up to (SR-1). Creating the SR-2 APP that checks for this DLL version to equal and applying the SR-2.

I suggest using the SR-2b. Seems to work with mixed installations. I also set the SRs to run in order and to wait on completion.

The one last thing I would suggest is to then make full installations of each Office app with the SR-2 installed. It seems to be working just great. I wish ZEN had a little bit more customization in the requirements like a Boolean statement (AND, OR), I think it would help out a lot for things like this.

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