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Forcing Users to Accept an App

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By Tommy Mikkelsen

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Posted: 24 Mar 2000

How to make an application forced run after the user has declined the prompt after X number of times.

Let's say you want to push out an Y2K update to the users, but want the users to accept the update before distribution. If the user has declined after three times, you want the application to be forced out.

What to do....????


  1. Copy the file ZenGrace.exe to your Sys:Public.
  2. Make your app as normal, and make it "Forced Run", "Prompted", "Run Once".
  3. Make a "Run after Termination"-Script, that looks like this:
    #ZenGrace 4 (Application_to_Run)

    When your app is forced run, the Script containing the ZenGrace.exe file will be running regardless of what the user selects.

    It will create a Reg Key with the Name:
    HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\ ZenGrace\(Application_to_Run) with a String named Count, and a value of 1.

    Next time your app is run, the count will be incremented. When the Count-Value equals 3, and Zengrace is called, it will launch NalWin32 with the parameters /H /U! /A=(Application_to_Run)

    (Thanks to Matt Brooks for his article in Cool Solutions regarding command-line options for NAL.)

  4. Now make a duplicate of your app, and remove the "Prompt" option, the "Run after Termination"-Script and the System Requirements (that way it will not show up in the NAL window).
  5. Name the application (Application_to_Run).
  6. Sync the GUID on both Apps.
  7. Associate both apps to the user.


ZenGrace is provided as freeware, and no responsibility is taken for bugs etc.

ZenGrace has been tested on Win9x and WinNT. (Sorry for Win3.x, but....:-))


About the Author

I'm 36 years old, and have been working with Novell products for the last 8 years. My primary products are ZENworks, BorderManager and GroupWise, but I've also knowledge about the rest of Novell's products.

I've no education like CNA, CNE etc, but have learned everything the hard way. I was the first in Denmark to establish an VPN between US and Denmark using BM.

This is my third solution published by Novell Cool Solutions. The other two are:

I work for Organisator DK. Organisator (Changed name from K-D Data in Dec. 1999) is a Danish company supporting mainly worker unions in Denmark. Organisator is a part of the Maersk Data Group, and supports close to 5000 users. Organisator is running a big MainFrame for the unions, and is running decentral FM using NDS and ZEN.

Organisator is one of Denmark's biggest Facility Management Companies, with over 25 years of experience, and is about to be promoted from Novell Business Partner to Novell Business Expert. Organisator is also a Microsoft Certified Solution Provider. Organisator is ISO-9001 certified.

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