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Keeping Smut off the Wallpaper

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By Mike Gosnell

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Posted: 19 Apr 2000

Mike is a student employee at Buena Vista University. They are currently running a campus network on Novell 5 supporting over 1400 students and around 250 staff and faculty on an estimated 400-500 machines campus-wide. They primarily run Windows - the majority of which are still on Win95. In some instances the students were changing the wallpaper to images that were, well, not appropriate for public display. (Imagine...) But not for long, thanks to this nifty idea.

In response to unapproved background images, (sometimes unknowingly as .exe e-mail attachments) we have found a quick-fix for Windows 95 machines to help curb outside backgrounds.

We made a batch file that contained the following:

attrib -R c:\windows\netsca~1.bmp
attrib -R c:\windows\intern~1.bmp
attrib -R c:\windows\pic1.bmp
copy a:\*.bmp c:\windows
attrib +R c:\windows\netsca~1.bmp
attrib +R c:\windows\Intern~1.bmp
attrib +R c:\windows\pic1.bmp

The files "Netscape Wallpaper.bmp", "Internet Explorer Wallpaper.bmp", and "pic1.bmp" were all 10x10 pixel solid color bitmaps that are set to read-only files (and can also be made hidden). This act will bomb out Netscape 4.08 (page fault error) and cause an error (access denied) on IE 5 when users attempt to "set as wallpaper" from the web browser. The Pic1.bmp was in an e-mail attachment that auto-set background to a pornographic picture (which this method promptly stopped).

The idea can easily be placed in a snAppShot or stuck on a 3.5" along with poledit.exe (where the a:\poledit\poledit command was used) The policy editor (Local User > Desktop > Wallpaper) would set "Netscape Wallpaper.bmp" as the wallpaper; which is the new 10x10 read-only file.

We also have "lock" and "unlock" snAppShots in the case that something needs to be quickly changed, so the hassles of policy restrictions are more easily avoided.

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