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Clearing off the Local Drives

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By Kraig Obermiller

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Posted: 30 Jun 2000

Just completed a Visual Basic program that would be swell for those of you out there in School Administration LANd searching for a way to clear everything off your local drives for the summer. Designed with the average Teacher or Secretary in mind, the GUI is self explanatory and intuitive.

The program compresses all the files it finds to the destination of choice (with floppy spanning on by default). You just need to get the PKZip 2.50 version from any download site and run it from the public directory.

We've had all manner of problems in the past trying to make certain that users' data is where it's supposed to be at the end of term. Even if you hide local drives, some programs will default there.

It's available for free. Run the executable and you'll get the program and the VB6 source code. Remember to copy transfer.exe and pkzip to the public (or other mapped path) directory.

Download the program.

If you have any questions you may contact Kraig at

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