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Using REGREAD to make Macros

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By Aljoscha Schulz

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Posted: 12 Jul 2000

I have a solution for a problem with the path environment in Windows NT when distributing applications (eg: Oracle client).

Though there is no way to read the value of a registry key with NAL, I was looking for other solutions. Think I found a very useful one in co-operation with the Win9x 3.0x & NT4.5 or greater clients.

Since than there is a new login script command called REGREAD (see TID# 10022325).

Fortunately this command works in the NAL scripts, too. So you can use it to read every desired registry key into an environment variable which in turn can be used as a macro in the NAL object.

Here is an example, where I read the PATH variable from WindowsNT

REGREAD "HKLM,System\CurrentControlSet\Control\Session

** Line one reads the value in to the memory variable %99
** Line two defines the environment variable REGVAL
** Line above destroys the environment variable (can be placed in an "AFTER" script)

Since the scripts (Launch & Distribution) don't work as expected (see TID# 2955759), I only use the "Launch Scripts".

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