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Using App-Assi to Mirror Apps to Multiple Servers

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By Dirk Petersen

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Posted: 2 Aug 2000

Versions: ZENworks 1.1 and ZENworks 2

Having tons of downloads from Cool Solutions in my basket already, I'd like to submit a tool myself. Perhaps someone can use it. Best Regards from Hamburg.

Welcome to the ZENWorks Application ASSISTANT. This tool helps you to distribute your applications to many servers, copies directories and grants rights to directories of many servers.

APP-ASSI is a GUI Front-end for the very popular APPASSOC.EXE from the APPTOOLS Toolkit. APP-ASSI does not mess around in your NDS. It just creates a Batch which does everything for you. Comments are appreciated:

How to Start

  1. View the Video ASSIDEMO.AVI to see if APP-ASSI fits your needs.
  2. Get APPTOOLS.
  4. Start APP-ASSI.EXE and configure the INI-File (You are prompted).
  5. Prepare your application distribution by using the APP-ASSI-Assistant.
  6. View the batchfile created by APP-ASSI for accuracy.
  7. Execute the batchfile typing BATCHFILE.BAT START.

What you should know

  1. Don't execute the Batchfile on any Win9X OS. Use DOS or NT for overnight execution
  2. The MKDIR-Command in the batchfile created by APP-ASSI only works with NT
  3. After batch execution you find a logfile for every location in your Temp-Directory. Logfiles are written in append mode. You should delete them frequently.
  4. APP-ASSI is freeware at the moment. A commercial version is planned. Features:
    • Logfile Analyser
    • Send analyzed Logfiles to POP3-Account
    • Clean AXT files from unwanted Registry Entries
    • Launcher for multiple batchfiles

Download APP-ASSI.

If you have any questions you may contact Dirk at

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