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Removing the Start Button from Login

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By Pluym Elektronics

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Posted: 9 Aug 2000

Current version: ZENworks 2

We made a really cool tool for ZENworks called Disable. It completely removes the Start button when a user logs in! We also included a tool to disable the ctrl-alt-del and ctrl-alt-esc buttons for die-hard users.

This set of tools is very useful for locking down the Windows '9X desktop! It includes AXT files to implement it. And it's free!

This program can perform two functions:

  1. Disable the Start button from the Windows desktop (completely removes the button!) (This can be used to make sure that programs on a workstation will be launched from the Novell Application Laucnher.)
  2. Disable the CTRL+ALT+DEL combination (This forces the users to reboot or shutdown the workstation the proper way.)

Disable.exe can be safely executed, because it will not make any changes to the Windows environment, unless Disable.exe will be executed with optional commandline parameters.

The two optional commandline parameters are:

  • Disable.exe /disStart: Disables the Startbutton form the desktop.
  • Disable.exe /disCAD: Disables the CTRL+ALT+DEL combination to reboot the system or end Tasks.

Registry method

There are two REG files (disStart.reg and disCAD.reg) included in this ZIP-file, that can be used to force the functions to run when Windows '9X starts. By executing either one or both REG-files, the appropriate function is added to the registry and activates the function(s) every time the system boots. When you remove the registry settings, the functions won't be activated anymore (you need to reboot first).

NAL method

Another (better) way to implement this function is to use an application object with a forced run. Two examples are included (Disable Start Button.AOT and Disable Ctrl-Alt-Del.AOT). You can use them to create the objects in NWAdmin. The only thing you have to do for yourselves is to associate the proper users to the object (Associations button in the application object) and mark them as a forced run object only.

Please Note:

This program requires the MSVBVM60.dll file, which can be found on the internet.

  • Place the MSVBVM60.dll file in the c:\windows\system directory when you use the registry method.
  • Place the MSVBVM60.dll file in the f:\public directory when you use the NAL method.

Place Disable.exe in the C:\ drive of the system, or else the REG-files (disStart.reg and disCAD.reg) don't work and must be edited if you place Disable.exe in any other directory (registry method).

Place Disable.exe in the F:\public drive of the system, or else the AOT-files (Disable Start Button.AOT and Disable Ctrl-Alt-Del.AOT) don't work and must be edited if you place Disable.exe in any other directory (NAL version).

Disable is freeware and may not be altered in any way!

Pluym Elektronics b.v. is a Novell Partner, we can give you paid advice and services! Pluym Elektronics b.v. or the programmer can not be held responsible for any damage caused by this program. Any comments on this program are welcome.

Programmed by Davy van Delft @
Pluym Elektronics b.v.
Tolweg 98
4561 RK Hulst
The Netherlands
tel: +31-(0)114-370024
fax: +31-(0)114-370082


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