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Password Policy Manager for NDS

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Posted: 15 Nov 2001

If you need stronger passwords and increased security in your eDirectory-based network, this is worth a good look. (All of you school, prison, government, and hospital administrators, pay special attention.)

Connectotel has a Password Policy Manager for eDirectory, an important security solution for administrators of Novell NetWare, Windows NT, Solaris and Linux based networks using Novell eDirectory.

Password Policy Manager for eDirectory provides centralized, real-time management and enforcement of Password Policies for Novell eDirectory users on NetWare, NT and Solaris networks.

Policy criteria

The following password policy criteria can be configured by the eDirectory administrator:

  • Minimum and maximum password length
  • Minimum and maximum alphabetic characters
  • Minimum and maximum numeric characters
  • Minimum and maximum punctuation characters
  • Maximum consecutive character types (alphabetic/numeric/punctuation)
  • Maximum instances of any character
  • Algorithm comparison with old password
  • Synchronization with local workstation password


The Administration software is implemented as an NWAdmin snap-in for use with Windows 95/98, Windows NT and Windows 2000. The User software is implemented as a client side snap-in for use with Windows 95/98, Windows NT and Windows 2000.


Using Password Policy Manager will provide increased network security by enforcing the use of strong passwords, to a policy defined by the network administrator, throughout the network.

Connectotel's Marcus Williamson noted: "Following feedback from our customers we have incorporated valuable new features into this release, including minimum and maximum values for key parameters, as well as synchronization with the local workstation password for Windows NT and Windows 2000 users."

For further information about strong passwords and the theory behind password policy management, please see the new Novell Research AppNote: "Implementing Strong Passwords in an eDirectory Environment."


Password Policy Manager for eDirectory is available immediately worldwide by electronic fulfillment from Connectotel authorized resellers Altman and Associates and DreamLAN.

Evaluation software, screen shots and additional information about Password Policy Manager for eDirectory can be found at:

About Connectotel

Connectotel specializes in providing consulting and software development for the Novell networking environment, including NetWare, eDirectory, ManageWise, BorderManager and ZENworks. Connectotel has undertaken projects for Novell Europe and maintains excellent relationships with Novell partners and customers worldwide. A sample list of Connectotel customers may be found at:

Password Policy Manager for eDirectory represents the next logical step in Connectotel's desire to improve security for users and administrators of Novell eDirectory-based networks.

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