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Forcing Logout (With a Little Warning)

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By John Carter

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Posted: 11 Oct 2000

Current Version: ZENworks for Desktops 3

You recently ran this in your Ask the Experts section.

Question: Jim T. wrote: I am looking for a way to use ZENworks to force a workstation logout after xx minutes of inactivity. I work in a 24x7 shop with many "shared" workstations and would like to protect each user's network and e-mail access.

Answer: Using a Workstation Manager scheduled action, you could have a logout/restart window program invoked when the screen saver gets activated.

We used the same method of the screen saver and the auto reboot after xx minutes. Then people got mad that it did not warn them, so we wrote a small vb program that pops up and says, "You have been idle for 15 min. You have xx seconds before you get logged off." It gives the option of reboot now and abort reboot. We run this via a policy when the screen saver activates.

Here is the zip with the source and exe. It is hardcoded to 60 seconds once the program is run to reboot the station. If you want more time, just change the timer in the program and the text and re-compile.

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