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Configuring iPrint Auto-Client Update

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Posted: 3 Sep 2002

JC writes: We're getting ready to upgrade to NetWare 6 sp2, which comes with an updated iPrint client. We are putting iPrint on every new workstation that goes out the door. The users that get new machines most likely don't know how their printers are set up, all they know (or care to know) is it just works.

Once we get all our printers converted we plan to educate the users on iPrint. Before updating the iPrint server with SP2, we were happy to learn that iPrint automatically informs the workstation client that a new iPrint software exists.

There's a handy blurb in the manual about it, and how admins can configure the .ini file to update automatically, or prompt the user first. You can find the details here:

Auto-client Update

Periodically, users will need to update their Novell iPrint client. When a user boots his machine, iPrint checks the default printer to ensure the user is using the latest Novell iPrint Client. When needed, a newer client is installed. Using a configuration file, you can control how this update takes place.

An IPRINT.INI file is located in SYS:\LOGIN\IPPDOCS on each server where iPrint is installed. This file controls whether the user should be prompted before the updated client is installed or the updated client is installed without user intervention. When the client is installed without user intervention, the user will still see the installation program.

Using a text editor, edit the IPRINT.INI file to reflect the settings you want. Information on the different settings is contained in the file.

IMPORTANT: The IPRINT.INI file should be synchronized across all servers where iPrint and a NDPS Manager are running.

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