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ENGL Zim for ZfD3 Linux Imaging

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By Heath Upton

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Posted: 3 Jan 2001

ENGL Zim is a Linux text-console utility that is designed to assist organisations who wish to provide a user friendly front-end to ZENworks for Desktops 3 Linux imaging.

Quick Info

If your organization wishes to use ZENworks for Desktops 3 (ZfD3) to provide easy-to-use disconnected imaging facilities to your users, you will have no doubt experienced the cut down version of Linux and the unfriendly interface.

Based on our experience working with the ZfD3 Beta and providing ZENworks consultancy and development services for our customers, we have written an easy-to-use script interpreter, called ENGL Zim, for the ZfD3 Linux environment, that will allow you to customise the look and feel with menus, dialogs and interactive file copy progress bars.

As you would expect from ENGL software, all aspects of the software are easy to use. That's because they've been written by programmers who are also ZENworks and NDS eDirectory consultants.


  • Designed for use with Novell ZENworks for Desktops 3 Linux Imaging
  • Customisable menu
  • Create custom variables during runtime and use them as parameters
  • Read Linux shell variables
  • IF statements to check for errors and to determine what keys have been pressed
  • Display dialog boxes with title and multi-line text, optional key press detection
  • Copy and verify files with an optional status and progress bar display
  • Display popup windows with optional BLINK attributes
  • Display banners for a specified number of seconds
  • Customisable help window displayed using F1 at the menu
  • Launch external Linux commands and check error levels
  • Customisable script path and log path

Screen Shots and Further Information

Visit the following link for screen shots of ENGL Zim in action together with pricing details.

About ENGL

ENGL is a Novell strategic Business Expert Partner specialising in cross-platform Directory managed solutions, providing consultancy, support and development services.

Contacting ENGL

ENGL can be contacted by e-mail at or visit for full contact details.

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