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Create a Default Outlook Profile

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By Tom Wood

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Posted: 6 Jun 2001

Updated Version: Here is a new and improved version of the Outlook profile generator. It works wonderfully. All you need to do is import it, copy one file to the source path, set the other macro variables, give rights and it is up and running to take care of the roaming Outlook users problem. One object for 9x and one for NT/2000. Set it to force run and you are done.

This tool will ease the pains of Outlook as your e-mail. I have created an app object that will help create the profile and set it as default. You will have to customize the server name in the ini section. This also assumes the Exchange alias is the novell login name. Additionally, we have our Home directory set to I:. It will automatically create a pab and pst in the i:\outlook directory.

You will need to customize the location of the files, etc., but it should run just fine.

I would also create an app that sets the default profile if one has already been created. (Defined by the registry key). You'll see when you load the app object.



If you have questions on how this works, feel free to e-mail me at

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