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Avoiding the DCOM Error during Office 2000 Install

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By Paul Rooney

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Posted: 13 Mar 2001

If you are using ZENworks for Desktops 2.0 to do a silent install of Office 2000 to Windows 95 machines, you get a DCOM error during the install (if DCOM is installed) and your users need to click 'OK', the only option, to continue the install. We all know how many calls to the Help Desk this sort of thing can generate.

According to Microsoft, they are aware of the problem but offer no workarounds.

I called a simple batch file from the NAL objects' prelaunch scripts which renames the DCOM dll's to .bak prior to the install and get no error message.

The only hitch is you need to call the second batch file, naming it back to .dll, from the Transform (MST) file as a post install exe.

This has worked beautifully for us. Here are the batch files, in case you want to give it a try.

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