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AXTClean snAppShot Cleanup Utility

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By Brian Hammond

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Posted: 12 Apr 2001

A snAppShot cleanup utility that cleans the AXT file, removes unneeded files from the directory and will even rename the files. Just run it against your snAppShot directory and it will create a new cleaned directory. Not fancy, but fairly easy to use.


  1. In the Main AXTClean program, select the source AXT File to be cleaned.
  2. Select the destination directory where the cleaned AXT files will be placed. This will default to the cleaned directory under the AXTClean directory.
  3. Select the config file to use (the default config file is AXTClean.cfg). I would suggest copying this file and renaming it for modified uses. You may have issues with the default setting if you are cleaning a snAppShot for things like browsers. I would also recommend looking at the entries in the config file to make sure they fit your needs. While I have made every effort to verify that the items I'm removing are safe to remove, some of them are hard to find reliable documentation on.
  4. When run, the program will build the new AXT file and copy the source files still needed into the target directory. It will also create a *.JNK file that contains all the sections that were removed from the AXT.

NOTE: If you don't want it to do the file copy, simply place the AXT file in an empty directory.

To modify the config file - select modify parameters

Check Boxes:

  • Remove shortcuts
    Will remove all shortcuts items from the AXT file. This includes all .LNK files.
  • Set Copy Files Setting
    Will change EXE and DLL files to copy if newer version and will check all other files for version information. If found it will set copy to newer version otherwise it will set copy to newer.
  • Rename Files to real names
    Does just that, renames files to the real name and updates the references in the AXT.


This release of AXTClean is Freeware. There may be a small fee for future releases and support.


I make no warranty expressed or implied as to the usability of this program for any reason or purpose. Use at your own risk. If you do not accept these terms do not run this software.

That said, the staff at my office has been using this program at several of our clients with no problems, however you should always test new programs like this in a test environment.

AXTClean has been tested primarily on Windows 98 with ZENworks for Desktops 2. It works on NT and ZENworks for Desktops 3 but has not been fully tested on these platforms. Also the config file settings are set for Windows 98 and will need some additions for other platforms.



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  • Date: 14March2001


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