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ZEN 2 Patch 4 Installation Made Easy

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By Rick Hellewell

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Posted: 13 Jun 2001

It's really nice to get patches from Novell to fix problems, but I wish that there were a simpler installation process than manually copying files. Case in point, the ZEN2PT4 patch. The instructions tell you to back up about 20 files in different folder, then copy the 20 new files to their various folders.

It would be much easier if there were a simple installation process for these patches (and if the Novell "patch team" would take the time to make one).

Like this one I did. It's a simple batch file that makes backup copies of all the files, then copies the new ones. It's especially handy if you have to install the patch on multiple servers. Just change the MAP commands to match your server names, and run it...voil-ay! All done.

Here's the batch file I use. Lots of comments in there so you can see what to do. Enjoy!



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