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By Jimmy Benson

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Posted: 12 Jul 2001

Are you looking for a solution to delete pesky files you don't want on your network or personal computer that keep showing up? For example, want to delete all those mp3s sitting on your network server doing nothing but taking up valuable network storage space? Want a way to get rid of them all in one sweep using one utility? Let me introduce you to the "File Exterminator."

This small yet effective utility will go out and find all files that match a specified file extension, including hidden files, and delete them. You may specify a mapped drive with this utility as well as a UNC path! This utility is an extremely fast download with the program only being about 50 Kb. It's fast, effective, gets the job done every time, and best of all it runs on all versions of Microsoft Windows! I hope you find this utility a value to have in your toolkit.

*Note: Please be aware that if a program has a file open that you try to delete, the "File Exterminator" will not be able to delete that file and will give you an error message. Please be sure to close down any programs that may be using a specific file extension you are wanting to delete before running the "File Exterminator."


Download exterminator.exe

You may contact me for comments or questions regarding the program if you like. You may contact me at

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