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Automatically Adding NT Workstations to a Domain

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By Mark Walters

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Posted: 24 Jul 2001

I have found a way of adding an NT/2000 workstation to a domain without user intervention. This can be done by distributing a "Force Run" application to the Users.

The users should be a member of the local Administrators group, if not, then use Workstation Manager to run a batch file with impersonation of "System".

  1. In order to have Workstations join a domain, you need to greate a Domain user and give it the User right of "Add computers to the Domain".
  2. Now create an application object to Force Run the Program Netdom.exe
  3. Set the command line parameters to be:
    (All should be on one line)

    /Domain:xxx /User:yyy /password:zzz member \\%computername% /joindomain

    • where xxx is the name of the domain
    • yyy is the Domain user created
    • zzz is the password for the user

    NETDOM.EXE is part of the Microsoft Windows NT resource Kit and can be downloaded from the Internet.

This method certainly makes rolling out a Domain a Dream!

Hope you enjoy it...

If you have any questions you may contact Mark at

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