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Accessing and Modifying ZENworks files on the ZfD3 Bootable Imaging CD

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By Colin Rhodes

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Posted: 9 Aug 2001

Version: ZENworks for Desktops 3

Existing Cool Solutions articles give us solutions for modifying the behaviour of the ZfD 3 Imaging, by modifying files on the two Imaging floppy disks.

However, for those of us using bootable CD-ROMs to do ZEN Image installs, there are a few more steps to go through in order to update our CD-ROM equivalent of ZfD3 floppy disk 1. I was unable to achieve this using Windows, so instead took a tour through Linux to find a solution.


  1. Copy the file bootcd.zim from your ZfD3 Imaging CD to a directory on your linux box:

    mount /dev/cdrom /mnt/cdrom      #Mount CDROM
    cp /mnt/cdrom/bootcd.zim /home/<username>/newdir   #Copy file off CD

  2. Dump this image file to a floppy disk (note - this will overwrite your floppy disk!):

    cd /home/<username>/newdir      #cd to working dir
    dd of=/dev/fd0 if=bootcd.zim bs=10k count=144   #Write to floppy

    This will provide you with a floppy containing a 'cdised' version of the ZfD 3 floppy disk 1.

  3. Mount this floppy disk for modification:

    mount /dev/fd0 /mnt/floppy        #Mount floppy disk
    cd /mnt/floppy    #cd to mounted floppy
    Make Modifications Here!!!! -- In my case I needed to modify SYSLINUX.CFG
    umount /mnt/floppy      #save changes back to floppy

Once the floppy has been modified, use the following procedure to create a new iso image/iso cdrom.

Note: The following assumes that you have a linux box (RedHat?) with "mkisofs.xxxxxxx.rpm " installed (or similar).

  1. Dump the contents of the modified floppy to a new image file:

    rm /home/<username>/newdir/bootcd.zim     #Del original file
    cd /home/<username>/newdir     #cd to working dir
    dd if=/dev/fd0 of=bootcd.zim bs=10k count=144   #copy floppy to file

  2. Create a new directory structure on your linux box with bootcd.zim at the root. Ensure that the following files are present:

    bootcd.zim, lang.tgz, root.tgz, settings.txt, & <any other files you wish to include? Image files?>

    Note: this is a multi-session-capable CD-ROM - i.e. you can add stuff later.

    Note 2: Do NOT include the file BOOT.CAT -- this will be created during the next step.

  3. Create the new iso image - which you can use to burn a new bootable CD-ROM:

    cd /home/<username>/newdir     #cd to working dir
    mkisofs -b bootcd.zim -c -o ZEN cd.iso *   #make iso image!

This creates a new bootable ISO image that you can burn later using your favourite CD-burning method.

Useful Tips:

  • To mount an ISO image (for read-only access):

    Mount --o loop --t isp9660 <isoFileName> <mountpoint>
    Where <mountpoint> could be: /mnt/cdrom

  • To mount a BOOTCD.ZIM image (for read-only access):

    Mount --o loop --t vfat bootcd.zim <mountpoint>
    Where <mountpoint> could be: /mnt/floppy

If you have any questions you may contact Colin at

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