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By Robert Stout

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Posted: 9 Aug 2001

I am the NetWork Manager for a large school district and I upgraded to ZfD3 to be able to use the auto import of workstations. Well, after upgrading I found that I could have only one server policy per server and that it will import only in one place. Wait! I know that I could use the "relative path" thing, but all my users are at different levels in the tree so that won't work.

I needed to keep admin machines from importing where the student machines were importing. With the zenwsimport host name added to our DNS for the import server it worked great, but I needed two import servers because I can only have one policy per server. Edit the host file on the workstation, you say. Well I don't like messing around with host files on a workstation. That's what we have a network for.

I found the reg entry for the Import Server, so add the host name there and bingo!

[HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\Novell\ Workstation Manager\Import Server] and the (Default) value is the host name of your other import server. It will look FIRST in the reg then on the network for the host name. So why not leave the DNS entry and add a third Import server for unconfigured workstations? Or just remove the DNS entry so no workstations get imported until they are configured.

It gets better. Make an app object based on the context on the workstation NOT the user and blow down the reg changes. If you already have the workstations imported in the wrong container, then make an unreg app object and make the Import Server dependent on it and force run both apps.

I was able to make just one object for the whole process, cool stuff! Also attached is a patch that will fix the "User History" problem downloaded from Novell.

  • reimport.aot - win9x
  • reimpr2k.aot - win2000



Problem found in ConsoleOne

Open an app object and clear the "show progress" check box, then apply. Close the app object and reopen -- the box is still clear.

Now go to dist options | options and change Reboot option to something else then apply. DO NOT close the app object, then look at the "show progress" check box -- it is still clear.

Close the app object and reopen it. Now the "show progress" check box is checked. This screws up other options throughout the app object because the app:flags value is changed incorrectly. Get this, it's an integer that is turned into a binary string and the bits are read for all the check boxes and options for the entire app object. If the bit is on, the option is set or not. They need to check their math.

Bottom line: ConsoleOne 1.2d.1 hoses the policies. I love ConsoleOne.

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