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Configuring Address of Imaging Server

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By Michael Ducharme

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Posted: 15 Aug 2001

When configuring ZENworks imaging disks and the imaging partition, if you specify the IP address of the server that you want the imaging services to use (as most people do) it makes things more difficult for you should you wish to move imaging to another server at a later date. You would probably have to visit the workstations individually and fix the proxy address setting.

An easier way of configuring this is to configure a DNS A or CNAME record for zenimgsrv. This can be set to resolve to the IP address of your imaging server. Then, instead of configuring the workstations to connect to a specific IP address, you can configure them to connect to zenimgsrv. If you ever want to move imaging to another server, it is then a simple matter of changing a DNS record. This could be a big time saver if you have a large number of workstations.

Another advantage to using a zenimgsrv record is if your DNS is configured with a subdomain for each physical location you can configure a zenimgsrv for every location. This simplifies situations where you may have mobile users or workstations being transported from one site to another by ensuring that the local imaging server is always contacted instead of going across the WAN.

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