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Updated: Copy a ZENworks Policy Object from Command Line

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By Rick Laughinghouse

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Posted: 19 Dec 2001

Current Version: ZENworks for Desktops 3.2

Here is an updated version of RLPCOPY. This will correct the -672 errors that occur with NetWare 5.1.

RLPCOPY v1.2 for NDS -- Copies a ZENworks policy object from a command line.




RLPCOPY SourcePolicy NewPolicy [/E]

  • SourcePolicy -- Distinguished name of the policy object to copy.
  • NewPolicy -- Policy object to create.
  • /E Exclude -- Source object attribute to exclude from the copy.
  • Note: Specify this switch for each attribute to exclude.
  • /M Masked -- Display attributes that are not copied by default such as: Back Link, CA Private Key, etc.
  • /? Help -- Displays Help.


  • RLPCOPY .SourcePolicy.OU.O .NewPolicy.OU.O
  • RLPCOPY .SourcePolicy.OU.O NewPolicy
  • RLPCOPY SourcePolicy .NewPolicy.OU.O
  • RLPCOPY SourcePolicy NewPolicy /E "DM:Disable Remote Control"

Copyright (c) 2001 Rick Laughinghouse

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