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ZENworks for Desktops 3.0 Patch Procedure

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By Michael Ducharme

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Posted: 18 Oct 2001

Version: ZENworks for Desktops 3

Update: ZfD3.0 SP1a will be released soon, and will clear up the confusion Michael is addressing in this article. SP1a is an easy way to apply the fixes that were in SP1 and since SP1 including all of the individual patches for ZfD 3.0, and patches that aren't available anywhere else. Includes:

  • Imaging Fixes
  • NAL Fixes
  • Inventory Fixes

and many others.

Some fixes will only be realized with the required installation of the 3.31 and 4.81 Clients and ConsoleOne 1.3.1 (or higher).
SP1a is for English only and requires the new Clients and a new ConsoleOne.

We'll let you know as soon as it's available.

The large number of patches available for ZENworks for Desktops 3.0 causes some confusion and raises the question of which to apply and what order to apply them in when doing a new install. These instructions are for a new install of ZfD 3.0 but can be altered slightly for upgrading an existing copy.

By comparing file dates and times between all of the major currently supported (non-beta) ZENworks and client patches out there I have developed this patch procedure. It has worked fine in my environment but I recommend testing it before use. Some of the minor patches are not included in this procedure.


Prior to the procedure you must download and extract the following patches:

  • 33SP3.EXE
  • 48SP3.EXE

It is assumed you also have:

  • ZENworks for Desktops 3 Installation CD
  • Novell Client 3.3 for Windows 95/98
  • Novell Client 4.8 for Windows NT/2000


  1. Install ZfD 3.
  2. Apply SP1 to the server.
  3. Apply PT3a to the server.
  4. Replace the WSREG.DLL in SYS:\PUBLIC with WSREG.DLL from the SP3 client dated 06-11-2001 at 237568 bytes.
  5. Replace the WSREG32.EXE in SYS:\PUBLIC with WSREG32.EXE from the SP3 client dated 06-11-2001 at 135168 bytes.
  6. Replace the ZENPOL32.DLL in SYS:\PUBLIC with ZENPOL32.DLL from the SP3 client dated 06-20-2001 at 114688 bytes. NOTE: This file also exists in its older version in SYS:\PUBLIC\ZENWORKS and should be replaced there too. NOTE: This file also exists in its older version in SYS:\PUBLIC\MGMT\CONSOLEONE\1.2\BIN and should be replaced there too.
  7. Replace the ZISWIN.EXE in SYS:\PUBLIC\ZENWORKS\IMAGING with ZISWIN.EXE from the SP3 client dated 05-18-2001 at 90112 bytes.
  8. Replace the ZISWINR.DLL in SYS:\PUBLIC\ZENWORKS\IMAGING with ZISWINR.DLL from the SP3 client dated 05-18-2001 at 45056 bytes.
  9. Apply FZD3NAL5.EXE to the server.

You are now done with the server install.


  1. Take the Novell Client 3.3/4.8 install files from the clients CD or Novell website and copy them to a writeable location on the server or a workstation hard drive.
  2. Pre-patch Novell Client install files with SP1 (this must be done because the newest ZISLIB32.DLL (the one included with SP1) is not included with the NT client SP3 for some reason, though it is included with the 9x client SP3).
  3. Pre-patch Novell Client install files with SP3.
  4. From the PT3a files take WMCCHLPR.DLL dated 02-22-2001 at 573440 bytes and replace the WMCCHLPR.DLL file in the client install files with this newer version. (you may want to check to verify that the WMCCHLPR.DLL that you are overwriting is in fact older than this version). This is the only PT3A workstation file you have to update because all of the rest are updated by SP3.

NOTE: If you do not feel comfortable pre-patching WMCCHLPR.DLL in with the client you can push it out with the app launcher afterwards. You may need to push this out with the app launcher anyway if you already have some people on Client 3.3/4.8. When pushing this file out with the app launcher, have it "copy if newer" instead of "copy if newer version" becuase the internal version number of the DLL file does not change but the date and time will.

Now the client can be installed manually or via ACU. The only other files in the client that need to be updated are the NAL files, which are auto-updated from the ones on the server.

WARNING: If doing a client upgrade, make sure that ZISLIB32.DLL and WMCCHLPR.DLL get updated on existing clients and are not ignored. If they are ignored in the upgrade and not upgraded to the newer versions, you may need to push these out with ZEN. Make sure you check both the 95/98 and NT/2000 client for this issue. (The ZISLIB32.DLL should only be an issue when upgrading from unpatched 4.8 (SP0) to 4.8 SP3.)

If you have any questions you may contact Michael at

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