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Installing Apps without Chewing Bandwidth

Novell Cool Solutions: Trench
By Shane Lamont

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Posted: 18 Oct 2001

This one may not be one of the high-end solutions that you normally receive, but it has certainly reduced a lot of work in our IT department.

It uses:

  • ZEN 3
  • NAL cache
  • Windows 2000
  • MSI

Simple really, once we set up apps to force cache ie: Office 2000 with MST file (App1), we simply made application objects for Word, Access, etc., to point to the executable on the hard drive. C:\program files\microsoft ofice\office\winword.exe (App2).

Also we made application objects for the install of these apps. This contains the switches to only install the individual components. The path for the install is pointing to the local cache not the server with the appropriate parameters ie:
addlocal="WORDFiles" /qb+ (App 3)

The app object that points to the executable (App2) is the only one that shows in the NAL with all the others force cached, then with the App2 object we used fault tolerance to point back to the install app (App3).

During our 2000 rollout, we logged in as an offline account (which is also an account on the workstation as part of the SOE) to do all the caching of core apps and NAL is in the startup due to putting NAL.exe in the login script. We also set all the uninstall features, etc.

The end result is all apps are usable online or offline, fully uninstallable, and self healing without chewing bandwidth as almost everything after the cache runs locally.

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