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Rolling out Internet Explorer with ZENworks

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By Keith Klenke

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Posted: 31 Oct 2001

Current version: ZENworks for Desktops 3.2

A lot of people want to roll out IE55sp2 or IE6 in order to fight nimda and other things. The easiest way ive found to roll out IE is:

  1. Download ie#setup.exe and IEAK for the version of IE you want to distribute.
  2. Use IEAK to download the entire ie# distribution, stop IEAK after downloading the distribution.
  3. Copy ie#setup.exe and the entire ie# distribution out to your distributed applications directory.
  4. Setup NAL object pointing to ie#setup.exe, and as a command line use /q
    (This will do a full unattended/automated install of ie#, and reboot the workstation automatically. This "/Q" also works great for mediaplayer7.1, directX8a, and other newer m$ apps, to my amazement it works rather well.)
  5. Customize the NAL object as needed for your environment (secure user/etc).
  6. Use .adm files to customize ie# after install via ZENworks instead of running through entire IEAK.

I've used this single appobject to roll out to win98/win98se/winme/nt4/w2k all at once without problems. This should also work through a login script, if the users have enough local rights.

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