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Limiting Tree Walking to Current Partition

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By Simone Golik

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Posted: 9 Nov 2001

Current Version: ZENworks for Desktops 3.2

In response to the query regarding Limiting Tree Walking. The answer forgot to mention the method of limiting the Application Object search, which is through the Launcher Configuration, best set at the partition container level.


Can you make it so NAL does not look higher up in the tree than the current partition? All the apps and users are in a partition, however there is a partition above that across a WAN link. The users are walking the tree across the WAN link, thus it's slower to open up the NAL.


To limit the search for user policy settings, Create a container package object and you will see Search Policy. You can then configure this for either partition or current container or named container. Ensure that a partition has been created at the WAN boundary container and Associate it with that container(s) limiting the search to the partition level for that container and below.

To limit the application object search, set the inheritance level for the user and workstation containers to a level which will enable your deepest user container to be able to find an application association within the site, and one for the workstation container, assuming you would associate at the workstation container level, and that workstation container does not have any subcontainers.

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