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Updated NWSEND: Sending messages with Novell Client32

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By Andrey Podoinikov

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Posted: 15 Aug 2003

NOTE: a reader advises you to be aware that this is not a free tool. It costs $10 per user and $100 for a 100-user network.


NWSend allows sending and receiving messages between Novell NetWare users that have Client32 installed.

The program sends messages using the same protocol as standard NetWare utility does, so everybody can receive such messages without any additional software. However, in contrast with standard Novell utility, NWSend gives you very flexible and useful way to select recipients of your messages.

Incredible speed of the program (it's at least two times faster than any other available solution) allows you to work easy and without unneeded delays even on multiple NDS trees. For further streamlined workflow, NWSend allows you to store ten frequently used messages and send it just by one mouse click. And system administrators will appreciate NWSend's command-line interface to avoid any work at all!

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What's new

  • New!, optimized multithreaded users list retrieval mechanism.
  • You should not switch a server to send messages within the same tree.

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