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What's New in Centralis AXE FR1?

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Posted: 4 Mar 2002

Ewen Anderson is the Managing Director of Centralis, who specialise in developing software to assist ZENworks administrators managing both PC and Citrix MetaFrame environments.


Centralis AXE is designed to assist users of Novell's ZENworks for Desktops by simplifying, standardising and accelerating the process of creating Novell eDirectory (NDS) application objects.

Centralis AXE imports ZENworks for Desktops AXT files into a database, creating Application Profiles which can then be edited using the software's powerful processing capabilities. Centralis AXE contains built-in editing Rules to correct common problems and allows the creation of user-defined Rules so that new knowledge can be captured, stored and applied easily to future AXT files.

For more detailed information on Centralis AXE, please check out the AppNote.

A 30 day evaluation of the software is available from


Rules-based editing means faster, more accurate eDirectory application object creation and can minimise the size of the AXT file, and therefore the eDirectory application object, by eliminating unnecessary registry entries and files. Rules can be shared between administrators and between Application Profiles, allowing you to build up a central repository of knowledge gained from experience of creating eDirectory application objects.

What's New in Feature Release 1


Feature Release 1 is shipped with a number of enhancements:

  • New Feature - File Version Report (see below)
  • Enhanced graphics
  • Export performance improvements (10% quicker!)
  • Rules now work on registry multi-string data
  • Inherent support for registry types 'Resource List' and 'Resource Requirements List'
  • Support for a 'custom bitmap' to be displayed on the Splash Screen
  • File property form now interprets macro values in source path field
  • Rule Export/Import form is now sizable
  • Exceptions now displayed on Import Progress dialogue
  • 'Handy Hints' displayed on license reminder form

New Feature - File Version Reporting

The major improvement introduced in the Feature Release is The File Version Report. This allows application files associated with an Application Profile to be searched against the database of installed applications for file version information, enabling you to easily identify the potential deployment of conflicting versions of the same file.

You can report on all files, only files with version information, or files which match a specified pattern mask. The resulting report can be defined such that all files, only files with more than one instance, or only files with conflicts are displayed.

A conflict can be defined as one or more of the following options

  • different file version
  • different file date/time
  • different file size
  • different target location for file

The results are displayed as a comprehensive File Version report, as shown below.

Known Bugs and Issues Fixed in Centralis AXE FR1

  • Internals rules now replace windows drive letter with '%*WINSYSDISK%' not '%*WINDISK%'
  • Fix to Advanced Rule processor when processing file sections
  • Fix on rule export/import routines when text contained carriage returns/Line feeds
  • Fix to toolbar button enabled state after rule export/import
  • Fix to Rule Import form (If a second file is selected, the 1st file was imported in its entirety)
  • Fix to Registry property page which caused program crash
  • Fix to Registry display of binary types
  • Fix to ensure that AXE closes down correctly once an application profile had been loaded
  • Fix for displaying a 'Delete Registry Key' setting
  • Fix to file copy when manually adding a file
  • The possibility of 'Out of Memory' errors is now reduced

Cool Solutions Offer


Any Cool Solutions readers who order Centralis AXE up until the close of BrainShare 2002 will be provided with 12 months free upgrade protection. Simply quote "Cool Solutions offer" on the order to activate.

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