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Deploying IE 5.5 and NAL on NT Workstations

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By Scott Garrett

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Posted: 7 May 2002

Current version: ZENworks for Desktops 3.2

I've created two MSI files that allow you to install Internet Explorer 5.5 to NT workstations using ZEN. The first MSI file adds a custom Domain User account to the local administrator group, sets the workstation to AutoAdminLogon, and runs the silent install created with IEAK. The second is launched after the reboot and removes the AutoAdminLogon. This works very well for environments not yet running Active Directory.

  1. Use an MSI editor to modify the Registry table in ie55.msi. You'll need to replace the Values of UserAccount and Password.
  2. The install assumes that all source files including the attached three are located in d:\install\ie55.
  3. You'll also have to create the text file that the NT Resource Kit utility USRTOGRP.EXE uses. I've included my sample one as install.txt.
  4. Create an app object that calls msiexec.exe with parameters of /i d:\install\ie55\ie55.msi /l* ie55.log





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