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ZENworks snAppShots (Windows 2000 Professional)

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By Margaret Wild

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Posted: 22 May 2002

I would like to submit some information I discovered to help others that may have the problems listed below.

Problem #1:

Running snAppShots on a Win2K machine, when running the 'after' snAppShot, you get an error:

'File Copy Error! File=C:\Hiberfil.sys' (trying to copy to '1.fil').

I searched Microsoft and Novell and could not find anything relating to this message directly. The Novell Site had a TID that stated to manually copy files when the 'File Copy Error!' occurred (as a workaround). The problem is that the 'hiberfil.sys' file was in use by the OS, so it would not copy. I could not copy it by booting to DOS because I was running NTFS.

The only thing I found on the 'hiberfil.sys' file was on the Microsoft Site (by accident). It was a section that talked about clearing the virtual memory pagefile. You can set the pagefile to clear when Windows shuts down. It stated that when the the hiberfil.sys file ('the hibernation file') is also zeroed out with this setting.

So now that I found out what the 'hiberfil.sys' file actually was, I went into my Power Options, and unchecked 'Enable Hibernation Support'.

Problem #2:

I have also gotten the 'File Copy Error!' on 'File=C:\WinNT\System32\Perflib_Perfdata_294.dat' (copying to a '.fil').

I did find something on a Novell Site that referred to the file 'Perfdata_2c0.dat'. The solution that I found on this case was referring to having the NTFS File System and Personalized Menus activated. It said that PERFDATA.DAT database files store the structure of the personalized start menu for Win2K. There was no fix at the time the document was created (Mar 14, 2002), but the workaround was to Disable Personalized Menus on the W2K workstation before doing the snAppShot.

After disabling Hibernation and Personalized Menus, my snAppShots worked just fine.

Incidentally, this problem did not occur every time. Only with some snAppShots. Most often it happened with an accounting program that we use.


A couple of readers have astutely pointed out that the article called Pruning an App Object of Un-needed Reg Entries would be of help in this issue. It appears that the files in question should have been removed from the application object.

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