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NAL and the Registry

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By Ron Fowler

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Posted: 11 Jul 2002

Current Version: ZENworks for Desktops 3.2

Here are some things they do with NAL and the registry to customize things a bit at Lawrence Public Schools.

Change the title bar on IE to match the user logged in. Create a NAL app that includes:

Internet Explorer\Main\Window Title=Current User:  
%Given_Name% %Surname%

We also have a NAL app that appends the computername to the user agent string on IE so if there is an issue with a remote website the operator can report to us the computername, date, time and we simply see who was logged into that machine.

 Windows\CurrentVersion\Internet Settings\ 
User Agent\Post Platform]
%computername% = Whatever you want

Any keys under Post platform are appended to the useragent string so that is why you don't want to pipe in the username as it would report everyone who has ever used the machine.

We use the following for displaying the computername to the user at the NWGINA Welcome screen (its the caption where Begin normally is). We also put the ghost image version here as well for further troubleshooting.

NWGINA\Welcome Screen]
"Header Message"="%COMPUTERNAME% - %IMAGE%"

These are all things that work with NT/W2k/XP (sorry we don't do 95/98).

We've got some utilities to share. For utilities we've written including source code (Visual Basic), see

If you have any questions you may contact Ron at

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