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Reset the Password on a Local User (winnt/win2000)

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By Stefan Eriksson

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Posted: 2 Aug 2002

I use this batch to reset the local administrator password or to create a new local admin user.

Create a simple application with cdm.exe as the application and /C\\yourserver\data\zenapps\adminchk.bat as the parameters. Then associate the app with a group or a container.

@echo Adminchk.bat
@echo Stefan Eriksson, 2002-02-10
@echo Schneider Electric AB
@echo off
rem Check if there is an administrator account on the local machine.
rem If the local administrator account is found, set the new password.
rem If no administrator account is found, jump to the add section.
net user >c:\result.txt
find /i "newadmin" c:\result.txt
if errorlevel=1 goto add
net user newadmin password
goto cleanup

rem Create the administrator account and add to administrators group.
net user newadmin password /add
net localgroup Administrators newadmin /add

rem clean up and close
del c:\result.txt
exit NULL

If you have any questions you may contact Stefan at

Other Suggestions

Art Flores

Wanted to make a suggestion to anyone that might want to use the batch file in this article. To prevent anyone from reading your batch file source code, use this free utility called "BAT2EXEC v1.5 - Freeware BAT 2 EXE converter". After converting your .bat to an .exe file, you can use your program without anyone being able to read your code, keeping your passwords private and unknown to end users.


If you have any questions you may contact Art at

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