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Preventing Internet Access via Office using IEHALT

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By Ron Fowler

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Posted: 25 Jul 2002

You recently published this Q&A:

Question: I am launching my Office programs through NAL. I do not want internet access for some users. How do I keep them from going to "help" in Word and Excel and clicking on "office on the web" to get to the internet?

Answer: The best way is to use a firewall. It is very tricky if not impossible to do it with policies alone.

We've written a small app (in Visual Basic) that you may find useful for this situation. Here's how to use it:

  1. Create a group that contained all of the users you don't want surfing the net.
  2. Create a force run NAL app and associate it with the no internet group.
  3. On the run line in the nal app you would have it launch our app (IEHALT.EXE

When the users in this group attempt to go to any web page other than they will be redirected to You could redirect them to a url on your Intranet that would log who they were and what site they attempted to go to and you could have it then display a message about them not being allowed to use the Internet.

If you launch iehalt without command line options ( it will redirect all IE requests (other than the default home page) to

Note: This application can be killed by the user via the process list on NT/W2k/XP. So it won't stop the ones that figure that out.

Download Basic Source/iehalt.exe

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