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ZENith v2.50 - The 7th Generation

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By Edward Falzon

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Posted: 8 Aug 2002

ZENith version 2.50 is now available! With its ground-breaking, patent-pending RELATIVE MACROS™ technology, ZfS integration and all the other features you've come to know and love, ZENith is one of the coolest products available for your ZENworks environment today!

Relative Macros is an innovative new way to manage all the different values that your Applications' macros have in different containers. For example, if you have a GroupWise Client snapshot, it's good to have a macro that stores the server name or IP Address. So we'll say GWSERV_IP =

Easy enough. But if you then copy that App to another location, the IP Address of the GroupWise server will, naturally, be different (say, So change it manually? Perhaps, but what if you have fifteen sites, all with a different IP Address? How about 50 sites? You see the problem.

On top of that, you might have a site that has non-standard PC's that use D: for the Program Files, rather than C: like everyone else. At that site, you'll also have to change DESTINATION_PATH from C:\Program Files... to D:\Program Files...

Getting annoying? Well, now add another couple of hundred applications! And the worst part is this: There is NO solution.

Until now, of course. ZENith's Relative Macros allows you to configure "Default" macro values for every container in your tree. You'll see a spreadsheet-style screen, with the Macro names across the top, and the Container names down the side, and you simply enter the right values in the grid - no tree browsing required!

Then, whenever an App is deployed to a new container, its macro names are compared to ZENith's pre-configured macro names for that container, and if the names match, the App's macro value is automatically changed to the pre-configured default. No muss, no fuss.

ZfS management is made easy, too, with ZENith v2.50. ZfS 2 can copy Applications' FIL files across your network, but it's VERY time-consuming to set up. No worries, though, with ZENith, because you only need to tick the check-box marked, "Use ZfS to copy FIL files," and the Distribution is created automatically, and associated to the appropriate Distributor. The Channel is also created, and all necessary subscribers are auto-associated to it. All configuration is DONE the moment you hit "Go."

And, of course, our Patent-pending Relative Association™ is as powerful as ever - and remember that Relative Association will work for you on ALL versions of ZENworks (even the Starter Pack and v1.1), across multiple trees with multiple ZfD versions, AND with Application objects as well as Policies - Yes, Cross-Tree Policy Copying.

And because ZENith requires no Schema Extensions, no NLM's, no Java applets, and stores no files on any server, you're good to go, after the 45-second install!

You can download ZENith directly from here.

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