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Installing ConsoleOne Where it Can Do the Most Good

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By Andrew Newbery

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Posted: 27 Aug 2002

Over the last year I have installed ConsoleOne several times only to have the snapins go missing :-(

I spent this weekend scouring the Novell sites for how to correctly install ConsoleOne. It wasn't easy, but I found 2 pages that nailed it:

These pages seem to confirm that all versions of ConsoleOne must be installed to the same folder, and that this folder is SYS:\PUBLIC\MGMT\CONSOLEONE\1.2

I have 2 theories on why this may have come about:

  1. It was the only guaranteed location that the good Novell techos knew of to add each application's snapins to; and
  2. New versions of ConsoleOne are designed to be installed over the top of the older versions, thus maintaining all the existing snapins and help files.

The location and theories are my gut feelings, but while my gut feelings are usually right, I want to be certain because the install of ZENworks for Desktops 3.2 Beta Field Patch K "minimum software requirements" needs "ConsoleOne version 1.3 (or later) installed to the target server(s)".

I muffed it, because I was trying to keep newer versions of ConsoleOne separate. I was installing to new version folders such as "1.3.3" in the SYS:\PUBLIC\MGMT\CONSOLEONE folder. I thought this was logical because the install location of the first version of ConsoleOne was 1.2.

I was thinking of simply downloading all the snapins that I need from the web page, but I found a TID (that I can't find again) saying that for ZEN for Desktops 3.2 you needed to install the snapins from the CD, because they aren't available from the Internet.

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