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Insufficent User Rights with Windows XP

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By Glenn Jobson

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Posted: 5 Sep 2002

We had some problems with running eMagic Logic Audio Silver on some of our Windows XP Open Access PCs. The application will only run properly with Administrator rights on the workstation, our students have Limited User accounts and as a result are unable to authorize the product or access some of the configuration options.

I devised the following workaround to allow us to run the application.

  1. First of all, log on as the workstation administrator and create an account to run the required application. I create an account called "LogicSilver" and make that a Computer Administrator account. I give the user a password, something that relates to the application, like emagic.
  2. Next, log on as the new user (LogicSilver) to create the profile. This will ensure that the new Computer Administrator account has the same profile as the Default User and the students. This can be handy if you are using Dynamic Local User and no roaming profiles.
  3. Install the application that requires administrator rights while logged in as the new user (LogicSilver) and configure it the way you want.
  4. Log on as the workstation administrator and locate the shortcut that launches the required application and ensure that it is available for all users of the workstation. Next, modify the target properties of the shortcut as follows:

    From - "C:\Program Files\emagic\Logic Audio Silver 4.8\Logic Audio Silver 4.8.exe"
    To - C:\WINDOWS\system32\runas.exe /U:LogicSilver "C:\Program Files\emagic\Logic Audio Silver 4.8\Logic Audio Silver 4.8.exe"
  5. Last thing to do is ensure that the new user (LogicSilver) cannot log in to the workstation. Our students have the username AND the password, and the account has Computer Administrator rights.
  6. From the Administrative Tools launch the Local Security Policy Panel and locate User Rights Assignment. Locate the Deny Logon Locally setting and add your new user (LogicSilver).

Now, when the student user launches the Logic Audio Silver shortcut they are prompted for a password and can then run the application successfully. The password is, of course, optional. The application runs with the rights of the LogicSilver user but the student only has Limited User rights.

It works for us! Hope it works for you too.

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