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Rolling out Windows XP SP1

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By Richard Brynteson

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Posted: 5 Nov 2002

Seems pretty straightforward, but here is what we did for rolling out Windows XP SP1 to our workstations.

1. Obtain SP1 from Microsoft's website.

2. Create a directory to store extracted SP1. (mkdir xpsp1)

3. Extract files (XPsp1.exe /X:c:\xpsp1 /U)

4. Copy files to server.

5. Create application object and point to update.exe (\\server\vol\xpsp1\i386\update\update.exe)

6. In the run options tab - parameters field, enter any switches you wish to use. We wanted an unattended install (/U), no backup (/N), update OEM drivers (/O) and don't force reboot (/Z). So our parameters were:
/U /N /O /Z

With these settings, our users see the install process, but are unable to cancel it, they just get to sit back and watch it.

Some other options are:

  • /F - Force apps to close
  • /Q - Quiet

7. Availability Tab - System Requirements. Remove Win9x. Set WinNT/2000 to show only with version 5.1.x or greater.

8. Add file version parameter and point to explorer.exe and set to show only when version is 6.0.2600.x or lower. Then the application will not appear on machines that have already been service packed.

That is it, associate the application and you are good to go. I'm sure that there are other ways to distribute SP1, but we found this way to work well for us.

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