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Getting a List of Users Associated to an App

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Posted: 18 Dec 2002

Recently we published this in the Q&A:

Question: Much to my dislike I have been forced to associate some applications to users. Now of course I am asked who has the application. So how can I get a list of users associated to an application? I have tried nlist and it will work but it provides way more information than I need.

Answer: You can get a list just by looking at the Associations tab of the application in Netware Admin/ConsoleOne.

Also if you try:

nlist app:application=<whatever> show "Object Trustees (ACL)" /s

that should make for a shorter list.

Other Suggestions

Eric Fairbanks

Another option is to create a group of users (we use NAL_<appname>_GROUP) and associate the group to the application. If you need to associate a new user to the app, just drop them in the group.

Martin Weiss

I think I have a better solution how to find out which apps are associated where and, if you wish, much more.

Just install NDS ODBC driver which comes with ConsoleOne.

Then make an query in Excel with the new NDS-reporting:

1. groupnds - app:associations_object + cn
2. usernds - app:associations_object + cn
3. organization - app:associations_object + o
4. organizational unit - app:associations_object + ou
5. app:application - ACL_Trustee + cn
6. groupnds - member + cn

When you have all associations to all users,groups,organizations and organizational units you can generate every report/view in Excel you need.

With this method nearly every report is possible (such as a user-group report). The best part is, if you will save this Excel-map you can refresh the report everytime you need to, and print/save the results.

If you have any questions you may contact Martin at

Paul Pedron

Here's another solution. In ConsoleOne highlight the user or workstation object and go to Tools | Application Launcher Tools | Show Inherited Applications

This will show you every group/container/object (including itself) that has applications associated. It will also tell you where it is associated (Desktop, ForceRun, App Launcher Quick Launch, ForceCache, System Tray.)

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