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Booting up a Machine Without Loading Lilo

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Posted: 5 Nov 2002

Quite some time ago we published this Q&A. We recently got some enlightenment from a reader. Enjoy!

Question: Is there a way to boot a machine up without trying to load lilo the first time and then rebooting?

Answer: Yes, but it totally disables the local Linux drive. If you run "fdisk /mbr" it will overwrite your hard drive's MBR, causing it to boot to the other OS from now on. The downside is that Linux will NEVER boot again unless you boot from the ZEN Linux diskettes/CD and run the lilo option from the menu.

To our knowledge, there is no way to turn it off "just for a little while" and have it come back on when you want it to without going through these steps.

Other Suggestions

Keith Sanderson

In response to this query, you can bypass the ZENworks Imaging boot, which I think was the desired effect. Hold down CTRL as the BIOS finishes its tests. You should get a 'LILO boot:' prompt, to which you can enter 'activepartition', thereby skipping the linux partition's boot. This also means that you can get to the 9x boot menu by holding CTRL down again, just after you hit Enter.

Keith Sanderson
Support Analyst
J Walter Thompson

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