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Easy Remote Installation

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By James McLean

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Posted: 21 Nov 2002

Here's a trick for people who have to do repetitious, remote server installations.

Copy the NW distribution CD(s) into its own folder somewhere on the LAN within each local office.

Then you can pull all the files you need for the installations of, for example, NDPS, or Portal Services, from a local (LAN) drive, without having to get the right CD into the right drive in a remote office or sucking everything across the WAN.

It also helps when you have to reboot: no CD in the drive to irretrievably divert your reboot off to New Installation land.

This even works after hours, when you don't have a local person to put in and take out CDs for you.

I have it on the volume that holds my GroupWise domains -- well protected, and available in every branch office.

Best of all, you can copy all your patches in the same manner and bypass CD's in remote offices entirely.

Note: Your "administrator password" must be all lowercase to work in RconJ/ rconag6. Some Remote Console utilities can't handle CAPITALIZED passwords accurately.

Been there: got caught.

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